While unpacking from the weekend, I got to thinking about the number of products and companies that I end up demonstrating, promoting or otherwise giving exposure through product placement.

Here is the list just from the previous weekend:

Torque Workcentre (Professional Woodworker Supplies (PWS))
Beall Pen Wizard (Carroll’s Woodcraft)
Tormek T7 (Carroll’s / Promac)
Tormek DBS22 (Promac)
Oneida Dust Deputy Ultimate2 (PWS)
Festool Surfix (Ideal Tools)
Festool F Clamp (Ideal)
Festool Cleantex CT36 w boom arm (Ideal)
Festool ETS 150/5 (Ideal)
Lidwig Claw (Lidwig)
ManSpace Magazine (ManSpace)
Microclene air filter (Microclene)
Protool Bag (ToolTechnic)
Walko Workbench (Ideal)
Walko Surface Clamp (Ideal)
Carbitool Surface Router bit (Carbitool)
Triton Circular Saw (Triton)
Dremel Rotary Tool (-)
Wixey Angle Gauge (PWS)
Wixey Depth Gauge (PWS)
Woodpeckers mini square (PWS)
Marples Chisels (-)

Surprising actually.

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