The Furphy: When does an exaggeration becomes a lie?

We are surrounded by them: claims by business used to create a sale, when they are actually misleading, exaggerating bullsh*te.


Went to a show recently (camping) and bought an auxiliary battery which will be great for the camp fridge (and other 12V devices).  The guy selling it to me convinced me that installation is easy, and everything that was needed (excluding tools) was in the box.  Bullsh*te.

3 hours later (not including the trip to an auto shop for missing fittings), I finally seem to have managed to install the unit.  Sure, it is in, yes, it will be good, but let’s cut the crap and call a spade a spade.  It is not easy, and no, they do not provide everything required.


I was using some space filler to do that small job on the router table, sealing up some gaps to improve the dust collection by blocking some gaps between the underside of the cast iron top, and my stand.  On the can it clearly says it works at any angle, and that proved correct.  However, the Korean-made foam itself doesn’t like being sprayed into overhead areas, and literally rolled itself out of the void and within 15 minutes was well on its way towards the floor.  Knew I should have paid for the “No More Gaps”, and not just believed what I read on the can of the one I did get.


I guess it is too much to expect/hope for some integrity in sales/advertising.  Can’t speak for anyone else, but personally I’m just a little tired of claims of greatness for a service or a product, only to be endlessly disappointed.  We cannot be experts in every single enterprise we are involved in, and have to constantly make assessments of not only what we are told, but of the person doing the telling.

In the end, I have slowly built a mental list of companies and brands that I do trust.  It isn’t a long list.  I also have a second list of companies and brands I refuse to deal with again, and that list is ever growing.  It is a shame we have to suffer through so many furphies, to find those few company and product gems that are still out there.

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