A New (Temporary?) Reality

Bit of a medical aside. Skip if uninterested.

Woke Wednesday morning to a new reality. (Hopefully short-lived). Sagging mouth, slurring words, one eye no longer blinks, difficulty chewing, very difficult to drink.

I know what it sounds like, and fortunately the medical assessment has ruled out a stroke. However, it still has a very similar impact on the VII nerve (which is the facial nerve). Basically, it is paralyzed, which has paralyzed one half of the face.

Cranial nerve VII 7

Cranial nerve VII 7 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes this is vascular (aka bleed in the brain), but in this case the culprit is likely a virus which has attacked the nerve. It is called Bell’s Palsy (also Facial Palsy). Palsy is simply another word for paralysis apparently. Been learning quite a bit in the past 24 hours.

Recovery can be as quick as 3 weeks or so for 85% of occurrences. It can take 6 months. And no guarantee of a full recovery. So here’s hoping, because this new reality kinda sucks.

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