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  1. I would have much preferred your commentary rather than the music.

    • Hmm, yeah – I probably don’t disagree (although that’ll be more valuable on a full length version that goes right through to when I finish the project).

      I’ll do a writeup version of it shortly, (written commentary).

      My final reason for not doing a voiceover commentary will become apparent in the next post or two. Talking has suddenly become……difficult.

  2. Why not just give us a powerpoint presentation, this “video” was about as useful.

    I expected better from you and now I have a sadface.

    • This is a powerpoint presentation. (Well Keynote actually). Just playing with a different way to present some photos, that’s all.

      Why is that so bad?

      This isn’t the new (out-of-practice) video I referred to recently. This is just something I was trying to have a bit of fun with. 😦

  3. Get well real soon.
    It sucks, I am recovering from neurovasculitis, 13 months and counting.

  4. Stuart,
    You must look after yourself.
    There are selfish reasons on my part for you to do this, they being you are an excellent easy going presenter who appears not to be ego driven and your site is actually very interesting.
    Also impressed with your use of new technology in preparation for your next project, and you never used Microsoft bloatware.
    Keep well….that’s and order:} Nautical terminology that, wonder why the wife keeps using it on me?

  5. look after yourself and family thats whats important blog only if it helps your recovery

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