This Old House

Just been watching part of an episode on Foxtel – generally not being into home renovations, I haven’t seen much, if any of it before.

The guys make it look so easy.  Disturbingly easy.  But if you have their respective levels of experience, I guess it is!

Great to see the prolific use of Festool – Kapex, Routers, Dust Extraction etc.

Their 2 pac spray insulation has given me a great idea for a small problem I have (and had totally forgotten about on the router table – that I hadn’t finished attaching the top and sealing the irregular-shaped gap between the two, to ensure the dust extraction extracts from where the dust is!

Only just discovered (remembered) the problem tonight, and within 30 minutes (and arrival back in the lounge), I have a great solution.

Not that I’ll use 2 pac spray, but no-more-gaps will do a great job.  Sometimes TV actually does provide a solution.  Just not often!

(Update: just saw an ad for Room Crashes (or some such).  Guy goes troppo in various rooms destroying them to make them over.  Yeah weird.  Especially when he deliberately smashes some fluro tubes by kicking them.  Can anyone spell mercury vapour?)

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