For those of you who don’t know what that is, a distributed denial of service is the web equivalent of a massive street riot. It’s effect on an online website or business is devastating at the time, and the after effects can last for months, and longer.

During the initial attack, there is a massive surge of tens of thousands to millions of attempts to access the website over and over. Even websites and infrastructure hardened against such an event often succumb, and drown under the assault.

It is often perpetuated by some snot-nosed 15 year old wanker, or some 40 year old loser. Underworld Organisations out there work to compromise as many computers as they can get through viruses, through popups people click on and other methods to infiltrate individuals computers, millions of them. These lie dormant, and the owner would have no idea their computer is compromised and has become a sleeper (like in a spy movie), waiting for an order to attack.

The said 15 (40?) year old thinking himself ‘a hacker’ pays the organisation for as many ‘bots’ as he can afford and sets the target. And so the DDoS attack begins. And because it is distributed on individuals’ unprotected computers, they continue hammering away at the site over and over until the site can harden itself against the particular attack.

If you have visited The Wood Whisperer recently, you would have found his site slow, or completely down as he is in the middle of dealing with such an event.

At the moment, you don’t get directly to his front page- you get an authorising screen, requiring you to interpret some difficult to read characters. Only humans (not bots, character recognition software etc) can interpret these, confirming their legitimacy.

Once you confirm you are human, you get to Marc’s site. Persist with it- Marc needs your support to come through this, and if you are in a position to buy something, join the Guild, or simply donate, please do- this sort of attack will be costing $thousands to withstand the attack, more to recover, and a lot of lost business as well.

Marc has been a huge part of the online woodworking community, and it would be an absolute travesty if his contribution was lost through something like this.

You can find more info on the specific attack on Marc’s Facebook page, or on his Twitter account @WoodWhisperer

7 Responses

  1. very sad that this sort of thing is happening to marc. he is an asset to the woodworking comunity. i check the site everyday (one of my home pages,along with stus shed) iv noticed this in the last few days

  2. what actually costs the money. going after them , fixing the mess,rebuilding defenses . etc

    • Combination: loss of sales + increased ISP fees for the amount of traffic (his monthly fee has been increased to $1700 because of the attack) + what fees he will have to pay to experts to help in countering the ongoing attack + what extra work is needed to keep sponsors/advertisers happy while the site is not performing to their expectation.

      I don’t know what his out of pocket expenses are, but it will be in the thousands. He wouldn’t be asking for assistance if it was only a few hundred.

  3. […] and grown to such an amazing phenomenon is too precious to let slip away because of some “Snot Nosed Wanker” (thanks Stu, love […]

  4. Hey Stu. I can’t thank you enough for your help man. This is one of those unfortunate vulnerabilities that any of us can become a victim of. Still no idea what I did to deserve it, but here we are. You are so right about the associated costs. Thankfully, the community really is stepping up to help offset the costs. Again, thanks so much for your help.

  5. WTF? Marc has gone out of his way to be non-political and non-controversial in his online presence, and has encouraged the same in others (e.g. forum posts). Unless having a sense of humour is considered controversial. Which I guess in some circles it is. What a shame. Hang in there Marc.

  6. Hay Marc, only just caught up with events. Hang in there fella. If nothing else, the response of support shows just how much you are appreciated in the woodworking world.


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