Not sure what you call it- when an ‘upgrade’ turns out to be a ‘downgrade’, so when you roll back to the earlier version, it is simpler to think of it as a ‘retrograde’! Or something.

I ‘upgraded’ my Torque Workcentre about 6 – 8 months ago (I’m sure there is a post about it at the time) where there was a new concept for the MDF top to have tracks rather than a basic flat, featureless top you screwed things to, or my adaption which was the series of 20mm holes, 100mm apart, with Walko clamps (from Ideal Tools).

Sorry, but hated the upgrade. (Not to put a too-fine a point on it). The top ends up not being really flat, the slots cause issue when moving work across them, such as pin routing or circle cutting (an issue highlighted at the recent Berwick Woodworkers training day), and more than anything else, the tracks quickly fill up with crap and swiftly become unusable.


So I’m looking at these tracks, and asking myself a very simple question- why keep them? I have a much better solution just 19mm below the new top- the existing previous top, complete with Walko/Festool workbench style holes.

So quicker than the new top was added to the machine months ago, it was ‘unadded’, aka ‘retrograded’ aka taking the concept, ditching it into the bin, and returning to a system that had no issues needing to be corrected.


A sense of normalicy floods over the workshop.

5 Responses

  1. Nice to know that round dog holes still rule!

  2. Glad to know it’s not just me, whilst I love the tracks for clamping and attaching jigs, and I can live with the clogging, I have never been able to get it flat, it’s infuriating! I was actually hoping putting a piece underneath would help, guess not.

    • I replaced my bed with 32mm mdf fitted track within routed channels so they sit 5mm below surface and also have the dog holes stays nice and flat and I get the best of both worlds

      • My main issue with the tracks is how clogged they get. When I then thought about it, I realised I hadn’t used the tracks (except for a couple of times) since they were installed because of that problem.
        Your mileage may vary.

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