Over the past 4 months or so, I was becoming increasingly concerned about the Torque Workcentre, people’s purchasing experiences, lack of communication (particularly given just how invested I had been in it for a few years).

Not too much time has past though, it seems. My last article I wrote before the speedbump has only just made it to press (in the latest edition of Australian Woodworker- I haven’t seen it yet. Has been a while because I can’t remember what I wrote!).

Had a phone call on the back of that from the new business manager, and a great deal of information exchange ensued.

For one, just how much of my involvement, in promoting a quality Australian product, and in design suggestions, and modifications had been lost/forgotten. Even the very comprehensive assembly manual’s existence had been forgotten, and it was only during the phone conversation was it mutually discovered that all this history and quality relationship with Torque had been lost. Even just who I was, and what I, and Stu’s Shed represented as an independent asset for the company, and the product had gone.

Without going into as many details, I know where discussions were going prior to the Melbourne Wood Show last October, what I was lead to believe by a prior company ?manager?, only to discover I was two timed, and the same discussions were also being carried out with another.  They got the gig I was promised, and I was out in the cold, both in a business sense, and what was meant to be the arrangement for the wood show.

Ok, so that is the negative. And it wasn’t, and isn’t directed at Torque Workcentres – they (especially the inventor) are the real victim in all this. Funny thing is, early on in the relationship I was offered to become a part owner- a 10% share (for no financial buy-in). To this day I am still glad I declined the offer. I rather remain independent- remunerated if I do any work for then (such as the assembly manual), but otherwise free of any expectation. And able to continue to provide reviews and opinions which are not compromised.

It has been a very difficult recovery for Torque (and more to come)- I imagine recovering from a real flood or fire would be the equivalent, but it has begun, and what I heard is that recovery is going to be pretty spectacular. Some of the products on their way will blow our collective socks off.

I am going to wait until I get a firm direction from Torque to talk about them, but from the sound of it, it isn’t far away.

In the meantime, if you are looking to have dealings with Torque Workcentres make sure you are using a reputable dealer. These are the ones listed on their website, including Lazy Larry in Queensland.  Apparently Larry is no longer a Torque dealer.

So hopefully, this will represent a return to Torque again making for exciting content on Stu’s Shed. Can’t wait!!!

4 Responses

  1. Bravo Stuart! I felt your pain at the Woodshow. Many friends there couldn’t understand what was happening, except it gave you opportunity to chat!
    It sounds like the new management & designer are friendly. Bravo Torque for surviving.
    Cheers, Kevin

  2. I had to read this twice to try to get the gist of it.

    Despite your past clear enthusiasm for the Torque product, a Torque work centre isn’t on my radar as they seem to be of the same ilk as the Triton workbench. Viz, you can do all sorts of things to them by adding hand power tools but I always wonder, if like the Triton experience, there comes a time when the price of dedicated machines to do the same thing more conveniently makes the Torque device an anachronism, just like the Triton is now. (I still own a Triton Mk3 and use it daily but I would not buy a new one now as a contractor’s saw bench is probably a better buy.)

    So to a total neanderthal in terms of understanding the Torque product and company reputation, your rant against your unfortunate experiences makes me even more cautious that the Torque product will become an orphan because of poor management.

    Thanks for expressing your frustrations. It is a useful post.


  3. Very Interesting. I own a Torque router master and have found that it is a great machine once we worked out some teething problems with it at the start. I must say that Torque were very helpfull and profesional, and indeed liked my feed back and desige improvments which they were going to add or improve to new models (fix sticky rise and fall lever and indexing turret, Mount for triton router etc.)good signe of a growing company making improvments from industry feedback. I did not no they were having troubles resently (shame to here) I would recoment the machine very highly. I hope the new managment keep a close check on there price.

    To many other companys have lost sight of reality in pricing.

  4. Thanks for the mention, Stu… appreciate it… and as to the new product..I was not going to comment but as I was in the factory this afternoon and whoa… it WILL blow your sock off….. from what I have seen….

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