One Rule to Rule them all

There are a lot of rules out there these days: steel rules, plastic, wooden, anodised aluminium, acrylic. In my workshop, I have a number of examples, most are getting very dusty. The two that are not are quality offerings from Woodpeckers, and a new one from Australian Wood Review ($49) is vying for a place to be included in that select company, which is the Interwood Brass Rule.

It has good heft, is particularly straight (unlike any of my steel rules, which all,seem to have gathered some form of kink over the years) is CNC routed and has acid etched markings. At 350mm, it is more versatile than your standard steel rule and looks a lot nicer to boot!


It doesn’t have a centre scale which I sometimes find useful, but on the other hand, the fact the markings line up on both edges is a worthwhile alternative. One end is also marked to assist with setting tool height (such as router bit and tablesaw).

The rule is currently sitting on my desk at work- I know it’d be useful in the workshop (especially marrying up with the brass square from Wood Review), but I also like the weight, and length for other non-wood related tasks! Dilema!

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