Training Day

Always surprising just how much I remember about the Torque Workcentre when I get started (either that or I just talk too much!) at the Berwick Woodworkers club today.

With about 10 interested members registered, we jumped straight into various aspects of the machine, from fine tuning, degrees of freedom, mounting tools, mounting work to the workcentre.

Drilling a grid of holes 100mm apart, 20mm diameter was next, for use of Walko Surface Clamps (from Ideal Tools). They are still the best method for mounting work to the workcentre by far. Everyone got to have a go at many of the functions during the day – decent hands on, not just demo.

Lots of information, passing both ways. Heard about their difficulty in getting a complete unit delivered – incomplete deliveries is a common theme I’ve heard a few times now sadly. These guys even had to make some parts to replace those not delivered.

Also got to admire their $36000 dust extraction unit.



Pretty serious stuff!

Back to the day, and the Berwick Club sure looks after you – jam & cream scones for morning tea, great sandwiches for lunch, lamingtons, cupcakes and pastry jam & cream squares for afternoon tea.

So we drilled, surfaced and sanded our way through the morning.


A quick look at the circular saw mount before moving onto router copying.

We cut circles (with everyone getting a go) then looked at pin copy, including the body of a toy plane (Berwick make a lot of kids toys), then moved over to the copy attachment for a bit of bas relief sign writing.


So, a good “Training Day”.

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