A threatened icon

Is the quintessential ‘shed’ on the endangered species list? I’ve just been out, looking at a few properties, each more expensive than the last. In each and every case there was a common theme. Zero unused land. If you managed 2 pushes of an unpowered lawn mower you’d have overdone it.

No land for a trailer. No land for a caravan, or a boat. No land for shooting some hoops, or some backyard cricket. And most certainly, no land for a shed. What are you thinking? Why on earth would anyone want a shed? You should be sitting inside watching the latest weigh-in of the Biggest Loser (assume that show is stil running), or berating the kitchen skills of other shed-less couples vying to have everyone knows their kitchen rules. Where are the shed challenge shows anyway?

Where I grew up in suburban Auckland, it was pretty standard that each house was on a 1/4 acre block. (Just over 1000m2). These days, they seem to be 1/8 acre, and the entire land area is filled with ‘the house’.

So where is the shed meant to go? I blame 2 groups: the developers, who are only interested in buying up large blocks of quality farmland, and trying to maximise the number of properties they can produce, and the local government for allowing it to happen at all.

RIP sheds- we will see you represented in the museum of modern history, where will celebrate a time not yet ruined by modern greed.

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