Here, Book, Book, Book

When starting off with a new hobby, you are constantly looking for knowledge to soak up and books offer a very ready source. Full of info, tips and images (and something you can hold, put down, pick up, re-read etc.

There is, obviously, the internet which can offer so much, including videos, but books (and magazines to a degree) are still a valuable resource. Magazines do rely on adverts, which can be interesting, informative, or annoying depending on how they are done. As a general rule, woodworking ads are more interesting than others, so that isn’t such a bad thing.

As to books, the local library is a seriously good source, and free. I’ve found quite a few books in the library that after borrowing and reading, I’ve ended buying my own copy.

Amazon is an obvious source.

In Australia, Booktopia isn’t too bad, an their shipping charge is great- any number of books up to (and beyond) 100 for just $6.50

A great source of woodworking books, across the whole genre is Fox Chapel Publishing, and I have a fair few from them over the years.

I did also get the Woodsmith range of books through Time-Life. Interesting at the time, but not the best investment for me- they haven’t been read or referenced for years.



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