Most probably won’t have noticed, but I have removed the star rating system from posts and pages from my site.

Simple reason is that it wasn’t proving useful. Very few were using it at all, so I wasnt getting any real feedback from it about what people liked and what they didn’t. And secondly, there are a couple of people out there who have decided that they do not like what I do, so instead of doing the normal thing and finding somewhere else to go, their mission in life became to 1 star my posts.

If it was a genuine criticism, I’d expect a comment to discuss, but the chances are it was from the one or two people that have been blocked from commenting. I rarely ban, or even moderate any comments, but like spammers, there are some real tossers out there!

So no more star ratings. C’est la vie

2 Responses

  1. Stuart,
    Best thing you could have done. For some reason people who appear to have have little in their lives complain about those that have genuine energy and enthusiasm to present things for others. As with the Twitter abuse saga currently underway in the UK, those that provide unwarranted negativity hide behind internet anonymity. It has to be said though without this anonymity everyone would be in the same boat as yourself regarding negative feed back from Internet Trolls. The likes of Facebook and Twitter sites which ignoring the financial gain aspect, started with good intentions but soon degenerated into the sad state it is in now requiring governments considering legislation to control the sites.
    It will be interesting to see how your site changes over the next year now that the star system is not there (I used it twice, both positive of course).
    War and Peace over…….

  2. I am a regular reader (lurker) but don’t comment much. You call them tossers, I’d not be so polite.
    Keep up the good work.

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