Festool Articles & Discussion

Over at Ideal Tools, Anthony is gathering together an ever-expanding collection of articles as a resource for those interested in his product range (primarily Festool, Protool and Walko). Included with articles he has gathered from other sources are some I have been contributing as well (and there are still a few he has to release once they are formatted (etc)) The topics are wide and varied- there is much to discuss!

Along with the longer articles, he is also going to be looking for tips and tricks owners have to get the best out of their tools, whether that be a particular technique, a way to improve accuracy (if that is even possible with Festool), so it is time to put on those thinking caps, re-examine how you work with the tools you have, and if there are any particular tricks you use that you can share with your fellow woodworkers.

So something to keep an eye on- for those who have decided to invest in the tools, you will definitely want to ensure you are getting the best use out of them. And if you have something yourself, share that information around: it can only improve the experiences of everyone!

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  1. hi there.
    read all of the suplimentry manuals by jerry work, rick christopherson and the rest.
    buy ron weeners dominoplate for the domino (great add on)
    watch all of paul marcells wonderfull videos (great guy , especially the workcenter video),
    watch kreg of kregs custom cabinetry (honeydokreg) videos, he has a great seies on building cabinetry with the festool system.

    read these articals over on the festool owners group site


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