Looking for Spares?

The biggest problem with companies that go under (for whatever reason) is not the loss of their tools on the market, it is the poor existing owners who are screwed when it comes to finding replacement parts for their tools. That issue is exasperated when the tools were made and sold cheaply in the first place, so they have a higher fail rate.

Triton are now back on the market (to a more limited capacity than just before the death of GMC), so parts can be sourced through that supply line again, but still, the current stockist are unlikely to bother to provide parts for discontinued tools (a story I hear on a regular basis sadly from reader contacting me desparate for a part).

The other is of course GMC tools themselves.

The range is going to be limited still, but this company does offer spares for Triton and GMC

Tool Spares Online

They have quite a decent list of old GMC powertools that they carry spares for, and for some tools provide the oerating manual online, and/or the exploded parts diagram to help locate the part you need. They offer to source other parts not listed too….interesting.


So before you give up all hope for one of your orphaned tools that needs a spare else it will be chucked in the bin (not always the wrong option….), then check out that site. It might help!


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