Kinder Toys

I was down at my daughter’s kindergarten last night- after the cleaners and painters had done their thing over the Xmas break, all the rolls of carpet and kids’ furniture and toys had been stacked, so was doing my bit putting them back in the main room. (Furniture being play fridges, play ironing boards, play stoves, seats, etc)

While walking back and forth carrying various bits n pieces, it really drove home that kids’ toys should always be primarily wood based.

It is heavy, smooth, has a physical and visual presence, is not over decorated, leaving something to the child’s imagination.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be a perfect facsimile of the original.

So some simple guidelines came out of my observations:

a. the furniture/toys need to be wood, plain and simple. Not MDF. Not plastic. Wood.
b. it needs to be repairable (designed to avoid breakage, but expect it none the less)
c. it needs to be storable. That doesn’t mean stackable (necessarily). Nor does it mean it must be portable (necessarily). But consideration must be given to the fact that the items will need to be moved by teachers/cleaners/etc, often.
d. if it can be carried, provide handles (ofen no more than an opening at either side, rounded over providing lifting points)
e. if it is too heavy to be lifted easily, it needs wheels (castors). Lockable so the kids cannot push them around.
f. colour is definitely not necessarily. Wood looks great as wood! It can be varnished, stained (and sealed), or painted. It coukd be mostly varnished wood with just some painted components. But I like wood.
g. the furniture/toys need to be wood, plain and simple. Not MDF. Not plastic. Wood.

My 2 cents.

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