Knee Deep in Dust

For regulars of this site, you’d know my preference for cyclonic dust collection. There is one time particularly, when a cyclone just won’t do it for you- when you’ve used it, and used it, and ignored it, and the bin has overfilled!

Sure, we can lift the lid and check levels, but that is often forgotten (or a matter of just one more small job following another, and each is just not enough for the hassle of checking).

How about a visual indicator that the levels have gotten too high?

Oneida have a unit that measures the level in the collection bin using infrared to sense the levels. Not only would you not rely on the unit giving a reasonable response midway through a dusty job, but infrared has very good dust penetration (ask any photographer from the old days who used infrared film).

When the unit senses the level is too high, it turns on the attached strobe.

I don’t know if the units are being bought into Oz (I doubt it unfortunately), but they can be ordered here

Personally, I’d love one of these units on my main, 4″ collector as well! Given it isn’t in the same shed as I work, it would stop me from ignoring the dusty until it makes strange noises and stops sucking when the dust levels block the extraction fan!

Thee may be other solutions out there, but this one looks pretty good, if not a bit expensive.



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