Convert Old TV Cabinets Into State of the Art Play Kitchens

Convert Old TV Cabinets Into State of the Art Play Kitchens
The linked article proposes an absolutely brilliant idea for old entertainment (aka CRT screen-based) units.  Turning them into toy kitchens.

Stunning work, and worth reading the background articles.  Genuine congratulations to both for such amazing repurposing of old furniture, and irrespective, a couple of great toy kitchens!


(photo from

Sutton Grace

(photo from

Want a Woodcraft Franchise?

Woodcraft (in the US ( 😦 ) ) have created a site for you to become more inspired about starting up a Woodcraft franchise owner.


Sure would be tempting!

$50,000 startup fee
Total startup investment around $500,000-$600,000
Currently 76 franchises and 4 owned stores

They take 5% Gross revenue, and you need to have at least a population of 350,000 within a 20 mile radius.

Some really interesting figures there!

Wonder if they have thought of coming down-under………

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