Australia Day

Let me paint you a picture.

It is 2pm in the afternoon. Sun is shining, sky is clear and blue, save a few of those small cotton-ball-like clouds that are a dazzling white, just to show you how blue the sky really is. The temperature is a balmy 28 degrees.

Just outside my shed door (open so the stereo music can be heard) is the swimming pool, with water so clear the bottom of the pool looks only a few inches below the surface. I’m floating on a thong decorated as the Aussie Flag (no- not in a thong – not thinking Borat


More like Kylie at the Olympics


Kylie ON a thong, not in….. Ok you get the point.)

The pool is warm, and a floating server holds beers around the rim. A copy of ManSpace floats just below the surface- where it fell when dozing overtook reading.

The beers are cold, the BBQ still hot after the steaks. The remnants of prawns sit piled on a plate. An occasional crack can be heard from the esky as the ice inside slowly succumbs.

This is Australia Day, the Aussie way.

Later, the family is heading into the city to watch a Disney concert- some all dancing all singing spectacular, then as the sun sinks and light fades across the Yarra, fireworks will again illuminate the sky, throwing the cityline into silhouette.

From there, home, and some Benedictine and Cointreau with cream over rocks (or perhaps with whiskey and some lime wedges).

Happy Australia Day!


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  2. Thank you for the heads up. Australia is a great place to live.

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