Self-Centering Domino Jig

At last-year’s Festool press day, they ‘officially’ announced the DTS Engineering multistop jig as being a Festool product, despite it continuing to carry the DTS Engineering logo, which I found very unusual (it is either Festool, or it isn’t, irrespective of the product’s development source).  Might be a bit of a pet niggle, but so be it.

Note – there is a lot of information from the manufacturer in the comments, that has both clarified the information, and shown some from Festool (Aust) was fundamentally wrong.

Multistop Jig

One of the big problems, and the reason I never bought one, was the negative press I was hearing, from multiple sources.  I haven’t had an opportunity to try one out for myself to substantiate the concerns, but the opinions of experts was enough for me. 

After discussions with RTS, I am going to fully reserve any opinions until such time as I have had an opportunity to give both versions a full review of my own.  You, my constant readers expect more from me than hearsay, so I will endeavour to fill this gap in my knowledge.

Roll around 2012, and the new Domino XL has arrived, complete with a significantly superior multi stop system built in.

Bit hard to see – haven’t gotten a larger photo to show, but the new system is brilliant, and I look forward to (and hope dearly) that it will be a system (or at least the concept) that can be  retrofitted to the standard Domino.


In the meantime, DTS have come up with an innovation for their product that has the critics reaching for their wallets. It will fit both the original Domino, and the XL version.

Self Centering

It is getting good feedback, and looks tempting! The jaws are interconnected- move one, and the other moves the same amount in the opposite direction. I really need to give one of these a workout for myself!

It is designed for referencing from the edge of boards only- you cannot use it to reference from one mortice to the next.

From underneath, you can see the working mechanism.

Clever, simple, good engineering.  My sort of product!

Not sure of price (at a guess, you’d get some change from $200), but something worth keeping an eye out for.

Update: These are retailing at $199 (not a bad guess eh!!) Available here from Ideal Tools.

9 Responses

  1. hi there.
    whats wrong with the logo.
    its not a festool product but made by rick cristopherson.
    there is a review of it over on the festool owners group forum.
    im not sure of the price but i dont think he is selling them through any where, maybe bob marino in the usa.

    • Hi Alan,

      Nothing wrong with the logo as an after-market product. When Festool talk about it being a Festool product (as they are), at that point I would have thought it would be (re) branded “Festool”.

      No doubt this’ll be down under soon- if not already, then around the release of the XL

  2. I believe that it is just a misunderstanding about how the guide is/was presented. That’s because Festool-Germany will not permit any division of Festool to sell a product under the Festool name that is not designed and built by Germany. It’s absolutely prohibited.

    Festool-AU is the only division of Festool that is even permitted to distribute ANY non-Festool product, and the only reason they can do it is because they are the only privately owned division of Festool. For example, Festool-USA is strictly prohibited from distributing these guides or any other non-Festool product.

    I would like to point out that of the hundreds of guides sold all over the world, there has NEVER been a single customer complaint or dissatisfied customer. There has never even been a single warranty claim (outside of 4 shipping damage claims).

    There was one gentleman from Australia that wrote a negative review of the MGS-20 guide, but it was quickly revealed that he had never even mounted the guide to his Domino, and had never even tried it out. It turns out he drew his negative conclusions by just looking at the guide. Not from using it.

    Rick Christopherson
    RTS Engineering

    • What crap. I used it and it was junk. You just made that assumption because i didnt adjust the sides. Its still gathering dust somewhere in the bottom of a draw,and Stu you are more than welcome to have it. The new version is much better by a mile and is a joy to use.

      • Let me just step out of the way here!

        My only input at this point is to say: Terry, if you are willing to pass on the MGS-20, then I’d be willing to take it!

        I’ve not read any reviews on it, so would be interested in seeing it cold and going from there.

  3. Pet NIGGLE? why do you continue with the racism Stu? Do you regard my people as “pets” or slaves?
    What if I countered all Australians are thieves and rapists due to your history??
    Perhaps darkening a few sites on the Internet isn’t such a bad idea after reading this Stu….


    • Jesus, you are a complete, self righteous moron.

      I discovered your comments in my spam (you lost posting comment privilages long ago). I did demonstrate, with references, the etymology of the word “niggle” to you a while back, but that was obviously too intellectual for you. I can’t be bothered going through the discussion again, and I guess etymology is not somethng familiar to you either, so here is a helpful link.

      Get your facts right, target your character assassinations at those who deserve them, and between you, me and the gatepost, the real racist here is yourself.

      Your comments and IP address have now been forwarded to your ISP (Google the terms if you don’t understand them) which is Nexicom in ON, Canada, along with your IP address :

  4. Dear Rick

    Thanks for the comprehensive reply (and for your input!) There must have been a degree of misinformation at the press day at Festool, as I specifically asked about the branding (knowing the product had already been on the market for a while), and that is what I was told. Happy to be corrected.

    With regards to the multistop – as stated I do not have any personal experience with the jig, so repeated what I’d been advised. It would be a real shame if that was incorrect. If I find an opportunity to give one a workout for myself it would be preferrable – I prefer not to rely on other opinions when I can help it – this is one of the few times when I have needed to.

    As said, happy to be corrected – in fact would prefer it to having information that is wrong.

    Regards Stuart

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