Late night TV ads

I’ve been getting a number of emails recently about the new version of the Shop Smith that is apparently (according to the ads) all the rage, and “not your Grandfather’s Shopsmith”

Originally out in the 50’s, the Shop Smith is a machine that looks fit for late night TV “but wait, there’s more”. It’s a tablesaw, disk sander, lathe, drill press, horizontal mortiser, bandsaw, shaper, router, and, well, I’m probably a bit confused about what is on the new current machine, vs the 50s version.


Think I even saw one of the originals when helping a local community shed out selling some old tools.

If you took a Teknatool XP lathe and mashed it with the original Shop Smith, you’d get an idea of the current offering.






In this day of cheap Chinese-built workshop machines, it is surprising to see such a combination machine still on the market, and in production.

Being sold through Lowes in the US, I wonder if their Australian branch (Masters) will sell it down under? Be interested to see it in action through an in-store demo!

If sold via late night TV, I wonder if it’d come with a set of steak knives?

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