Torque Workcentre 2m for urgent sale

The sale on the Torque Workcentre has disappointingly fallen through, so the unit is again available.

However, rather than any further auctions or special arrangements as I am now out of pocket, it will be a fixed price only.

The sale is this:

One Torque Workcentre 2m, including the 900mm arm and standard fittings.  Check the photos below and ask questions before making an offer please.  Standard fittings include a router bit guard (metal), hex (allen) key, copy pin and a mount for a router.  In this case it is for a Triton.

There is a user-fitted MDF top (Torque do not sell tops with their machines).  This machine predates the ones including longitudinal tracks, which is not a bad thing – I retrofitted the tracks to my machine, and in my opinion they are a waste of space.

Additionally, there are the following attachments

Saw attachment (original version)

Drill attachment

Copy attachment

First in gets all this for $3000.

I received the machine on Sunday and gave it a quick clean and tuneup.  It was a sale-on-behalf, but now I own this machine so need this to be a quick sale if at all possible to recoup my money.  I had a too-late offer of $3000, so that has set the price.  (The TWC label on the arm was removed after being damaged in transit (it looked tatty).

To make this more tempting, I am throwing in a Makita 3612 (1/2) already mounted to a Torque attachment.  It has been attached to the mount for years, so seems to have become fused to the mount! Personally, I don’t see this as a big problem – I don’t remove my Triton from its mount either, but it is being thrown in for free, so gift horse and all that.

Please note: the gate, the ladder and anything else not specifically referred to in the text is NOT INCLUDED.  The original sale fell through because the stock photo showed a router being demonstrated on the Torque that wasn’t actually part of the deal.

The machine is pick up ONLY from just north of Frankston, Victoria (actual address will be provided for anyone wanting to see the machine, or once sale is concluded).  I would really like the machine sold and collected before this upcoming weekend as it is now in my way, but if not I’ll just have to have my daughter’s party around it.

7 Responses

  1. A month ago or in a month’s time would’ve been perfect. Damn Christmas bills. 😦

  2. wonder how much shipping to newcastle would be… hmm

  3. Is this still for sale?

    • Sorry, long, long gone (almost 2 years). At best is a Torque Workcentre Router Master I may be selling once the new shed is built, so some time around Christmas (not sure if before or after at this stage!)

      • No worries. That can be the problem with the Internet. Once it’son the net it’s there to stay! What’s this other machine you mentioned. Is that similar

        • Especially on my site – 6 1/2 years of posts (to date 😉 )
          The Routermaster is a torque workcentre without the X axis travel. It can be upgraded to a full Torque Workcentre by adding the base. The Router Master concept predates the TWC, and has retained its original name because of it.

  4. thanx for that. Im just reading some of your blog comments about TWC .Are they still trading and would you still recommend them?

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