Ikea Lights

Had an idea to jazz up my tool storage cabinet with some strip lighting, and among the various choices at Ikea, found just the lighting system I wanted.

This takes very low wattage LED strip lights, which can either be connected together in a long strip, connected in a square, or connected with longer cables to different parts of the cabinet.  This is the setup I used to light two of the shelves on either side of the cabinet, and with a spare cabinet light (halogen) to light above the sharpening station.

I didn’t have a spare transformer from the original set, so found the voltage and minimum amperage required, and had a dig through the stack of old IT transformers I keep and found one that fitted the bill.

With a bit of soldering, and shrink-wrap I had the light working.

I may have taken the photo with the main shed lights off to show off the setup, but these are more intended to supplement the normal shed lights.

Above the sharpening station, the light is more to check the progress of the sharpening (a light to hold the edge up to), rather than decoration.

Cabinet Lights

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