A Christmas Mugging

Here I was, fighting the good fight, getting the job done, walking the walk, and I get blindsided.  By Christmas.

Where did THAT come from??  People wanting suggestions for Christmas lists, having to find presents (almost) last minute (ok, still 2 weeks or so to go, but didn’t I have a whole year??)

So here are some suggestions, in case you are stuck for ideas for the shed dwellers you buy presents for, or to add to Xmas lists of others for yourself!

Metric setup blocks: $96.50 (excluding case) from Professional Woodworkers Supplies

150mm Paolini Rule: $59.50 from Professional Woodworkers Supplies

Handmade Furniture Projects II (book): $29 from Australian Wood Review

Premium Tool Kit (inc mount): $189 from Australian Wood Review

AWR Backissues DVD Vol 1: $29.99 from Australian Wood Review

(Issue 2 also available, or as a double pack for $50)

A Polishers Handbook: $33.55 from Ubeaut Polishes

Rotary Sander: $66.00 from Ubeaut Polishes

Tormek T7: $995 from Carrolls Woodcraft Supplies

Wixey Digital Angle Gauge: $65.50 from Professional Woodworkers Supplies

Flai Mustang Multimaterial Blade: $152.35 from Carrolls Woodcraft Supplies

Vac Clamp: $73.00 from V-Clamp

I could certainly keep going, but at least this could give you some ideas (and these sites do have other things on offer!).

So avoid the Christmas mugging – time to get busy!

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