A Solid Solution

Not all timber is solid, and is often full of checks, cracks and voids making it less than ideal for such operations as turning. These voids can often be included in a project to great effect, but depending on the extent of these defects (and importantly, the skill of the operator) they can also render a piece dangerous, or impossible to use.

This is not limited to wood turners, and wood turning, but that group does deal with heavily defected workpieces, spinning at high speeds (ready to explode all over the shop!)

It is not uncommon for copious amounts of CA glue to be applied to help stabilise a piece (and in part it has significant penetrating capacity). Epoxy is also often used in turning, as well as other projects such as furniture making (stabilising knots, filling holes).

If you take the take the whole epoxy concept towards an extreme, there is so much that becomes possible, and a Melbourne company is doing just that. Solid Solutions in East Bentleigh has been producing two-pack products for years, and have some refined specifically for woodworkers.

What you then choose to do, and create with the product is only limited by your imagination.

You can take a piece of highly defective timber, stabilise it (and use the epoxy to replace what is missing) and create a perfect object from imperfect stock.


Take a piece that isn’t large enough to create a solid object, and build up the missing side until the result is a complete blank. Or as with the object on the right, create a full blank from the resin, with a material you’d want to work with embedded inside.

20111130-012443.jpg Imagine actually being able to turn a feather bowl. Or a pine needle goblet.

The ability to turn otherwise unturnable objects into something that can be spun up and machined on the lathe opens all sorts of possibilities.

Such as the use of gumnuts, glitter, watchparts, electronic components or whatever else catches your eye.

By machining a channel in your blank, you can then fill it with unturnables and resin, then not only machine it from the top, but also from the bottom to the point that you have a ring near the rim which solely comprises of this combination.




It isn’t just the ability to embellish an object either- you can take an entire bowl of anything, including offcuts, then fill the bowl with resin to create a new casting blank.


You are limited only by your imagination, and neither are you limited to using something like this for turning. You could make imaginitive boards or lids for projects.

Turning it does look just a little bit crazy!


So if you want to wander off the beaten track, then this stuff can certainly get you a long way to therel

Worth checking out, from Solid Solutions

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