Little Magnets vs the Bubble of Babble

I’ve recently moved offices at work, and am taking the opportunity to do a pretty ruthless cleanup at the same time. 10 years of accumulated junk really builds up fast. Lots of items that were kept on the assumption (or hope) that they had residual value, that they would prove useful down track.

In my case, this is 10 years of accumulated IT related items, so the half life on it is only 12 months or so, not a decade!

If an office is a junk magnet, then a shed is a neodymium magnet for it. Talk about a junk attraction! We actively seek stuff out to be stored out there ‘just in case’, and when we don’t (or we finally throw something away, despite the code violation that it is) we curse the day it would have proven useful after all.

Even today, when I had a chance to get out there for a short stint, I found myself locating new niches to store the ever important objects without a current purpose. It is a hard step to take, but I have to start to ask myself some hard questions:

Not whether an object is useful now (or potentially in the future), because the answer to that is inevitably “absolutely”.

The question to ask is “given the cost of the real estate this object will occupy, is it worth keeping based on its value?” If you have a box of odds’n’sods, the individual items may not occupy enough space to sway the balance against then, but the box of unfindable objects as a collection might be a different story!

I have made a decision (hopefully I stick to it!), the next time I am out there, I am going to be ruthless with my undefinable collections and see just how much I am left with at the end. Could be fun (?)

Perhaps I should bag it up and donate it to a more code complying shed (or drop it off at the local Men’s Shed).

Alternately, throw a handful into each Stu’s Shed showbag for the next Melbourne wood show!

Have a barrel of it at the wood show as a Woody’s version of a ‘lucky’ dip! (A lucky dip that requires the participant to have an up-to-date tetanus shot……hmm – perhaps not!)

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