Signwriting Set

Rockler are well known for bringing out a range of products they have developed (rather than ones that are rebadged), including Bench Cookies, and one of their more recent offerings is an interlocking signwriting kit.

It is a very simple kit – none of the rails etc of the more elaborate systems, and it also avoids the significant price tags.

They have a 2 1/4″ template as well as a 4″ one.  Currently, there is only one font on offer which is a bit sad – the price is low enough that you could afford to own a few different fonts.

Carbatec now have the kit as an offering in Australia, and at $24 is a good price for a basic lettering set.  However, they are currently not offering the 4″ kit, and very strangely, nor are they offering the numbers and symbols kit to match.

It makes making a sign a bit difficult if you cannot include a phone number, or basic symbols such as &, $ and @.

Hopefully the Rockler Deluxe set gets included in the lineup, which for an additional $15 over the basic letter kit is an amalgamation of both letters and numbers/symbols.

The letter set includes multiple copies of the most common letters.  Ideally if you can get one of each kit, you’d have a great collection of letters, and still have the required symbols and numbers.

Here’s hoping eh!

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