Gorillas in our Midst

It was a long hot, humid climb through dense bush, undergrowth like grasping hands. The atmosphere was oppressive, and as the mists rolled down from the hills, something large, powerful could be heard approaching. The all powerful, impressive might of a Gorilla. But not just any primate, these are the really powerful, an American icon that has made its way to Australian shores.


It is Gorilla Glue, and it has made its way down under.

The original glue looks to be a polyurethane, but since then the range has expanded to include a yellow PVC, Superglue and Gorilla tape.


There isn’t much you can do with PVC, other than using yellow PVC which is about 30% stronger and more water resistant than white PVC. The Superglue is an impact-resistant version which is particularly good to know. Superglue may be, well, super, but its kryptonite is impact as it is a brittle glue. So having access to an impact resistant version is a real boon.

The Gorilla tape is particularly well regarded. With a doubly thick adhesive layer, it can fill and therefore bond well to rough surfaces, such as wood, stone, stucco, plaster and brick.

I have a few sample bottles (and a roll) to play with, so will report back when I do. In the meantime, keep an eye out for it as they find national resellers. An American icon product, now available Down Under.

One Response

  1. distributed by kincrome if memory serves me correctly

    I bought some of the woodglue at the sydney show, works very well so far 🙂

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