Phonecalls in the daylight

I had an interesting chat today with Promac (the importers/distributors of Tormek, Flai, BMI amongst others). We catch up occasionally, such as at the recent wood show where they created a number of new proud T7 owners.

After my recent article in ManSpace, I wasn’t surprised that they rang. The article of interest was on the Flai Mustang, a saw blade which has the uncanny ability to cut wood, plastic, aluminium, steel, even all at once. Unfortunately due to a small hiccup at the editors, they published the article with the UK distributor, rather than the Australian one.

So to redress this, in Australia particularly, are the distributors of the Flai Mustang, and it can be found in a number of stores, including Carrolls Woodcraft Supplies, and the Woodworking Warehouse.

Another magazine for tradies ran a review recently on various spirit levels, and included the BMI SuperRobust R1000. I can’t remember the magazine name, something like For Tradies. They determined the SuperRobust was so rubbish, they apparently, literally threw it away. (Convenient, so Promac couldn’t reevaluate the unit). Unfortunately the testing was unreliable, and they didn’t even realise that the curvature of a spirit level can be different from manufacturer to manufacturer, and that a level with a 1000mm radius means even a tiny change in level causes a dramatic movement in the bubble. This was taken to be a fault!

So during our conversation we came back to the wood show, and the Stu’s Shed stand at the next Melbourne show. I’ve still been progressing some ideas, and asked if Promac would be interested in my latest one: tool head-to-heads. I don’t sell tools (still haven’t found a way to monetorize this website!), nor do I have advertising, so I have nothing to loose in literally setting tools against each other and seeing what the advantages are of each.

Such as comparing wetstone sharpeners, live, in front of an audience. Or comparing drill bit sharpening systems, dovetail jigs etc. Might be scary for some products, but they can finally have their claims of superiority placed onto a pedestal and tested properly. Dispel the myths, create legends.

The wasn’t any resistance to the concept from Promac!
Anyone interested in that as part of the concept for the show?

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