Press Release from Kincrome- for all you Triton diehards!


Things are happening at Triton which I am sure will bring a smile to the face of the over 250,000 loyal and satisfied Triton owners and users in Australia (over 400,000 worldwide).
Believe it or not it is almost 3 years since Triton found itself in the maelstrom of receivership and the very proud icon of Australian manufacturing and design was entangled in a situation way outside its creation.

Ownership of the brand passed from the receivers to a very successful family owned business in the U.K. Powerbox International. In the ensuing time Powerbox have begun to invest heavily and rebuild the worldwide network of Triton distributors and in conjunction with Kincrome Tools & Equipment in Melbourne are determined to rebuild Triton to once again be a key supplier of innovative woodworking tools backed up with first class service and spare parts.

This is a perfect marriage between two household names in Australian Hardware and tool retailing. One a much loved manufacturing icon and the other a very effective and well regarded distributor with a respected brand name.

So what does this mean to you …the keen woodworker and Triton owner? Well immediately nothing much will change. Stock of Triton products will continue to be available through Carba-Tec stores in each capital city. Carba-Tec will also continue to supply spare parts through their mail order system and the stock holding of parts both at Carba-Tec and available to Carba-Tec will increase over the next few months.

Longer term Powerbox are developing new power tools with a woodworking bias and work will be done to develop the Workcentre and Router Table range.

In the meantime, the Workcentre and Router Table range and accessories will continue to be made in Melbourne under contract by a manufacturer who has tier one status in the motor industry and the 3 routers and 9 ¼ inch saw will be made in Taiwan. The Triton work support range of Superjaws (surely the most useful tool in a workshop), Multistand and Woodrack will continue to be a major part of the range.

We at Kincrome see the association with Triton not so much as selling a commodity, rather, we see ourselves as custodians of a great brand which to many people is like ownership of a classic wooden boat or wonderful heritage home… Kincrome will invest in, develop and nurture the Triton Brand and leave it in good shape for future generations of Australian woodworkers.
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3 Responses

  1. I opened the site in june 2013. I could not find a reference to Triton. Has the dealership or distribution failed?

    • Not at all – still there, still distributed in Australia by Kincrome. In fact I had lunch with Gordon Heggie yesterday. Interesting that Kincrome doesn’t mention the brand on their website, but there is still which is operated by the brand owner (as opposed to the distributor). You can still buy Triton from some Total Tools (Ferntree Gully for example), Carbatec, Bowens, Mitre 10, Just Tools, Home Hardware all stock Triton.

  2. I’m looking for parts for the triton rotary tool it seem very hard to find

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