Stu’s Shed commentary on the Kincrome Release

Told you so 😉
So now we can make the news public, Kincrome are the new national distributers for Triton.

What this could mean, is Triton may gain access to markets that Kincrome distribute through…so I think this means there is a real possibility that Triton could once again be seen in Bunnings, and that would be one for the books.

The Melbourne manufacturer did some significant tooling up to take over the manufacturing of Triton as the original factory in Cheltenham closed. It has probably been a rocky road (as GMC collapsed soon after, taking down the Triton brand with it that they had bought from Hills), but this is some very positive news for the Triton brand, especially if it can again get into Bunnings and the other box hardware warehouses. You wonder if the soon to be introduced Lowes stores (to be branded “Masters” in Australia, in an unusual branding move) offers additional opportunities for Triton.

New woodworking power tools is a good sign, as is the potential new Workcentre and Router table. This may mean that the design for the replacement for the Triton Workcentre 2000 may finally be dusted off (GMC killed that project when they bought the company).

The upgrade was to include an extruded aluminium top (with REAL mitre tracks), and various sized drop in induction motors depending on the individual’s choice at time of purchase. (Induction motors are SIGNIFICANTLY quieter than brushed motors).

As far as the other products, I doubt the manufacture of the SuperJaws and Multistand will return to Australian shores (althou we can only wish some products will buck the international trend to flee to Chinese and Indian manufacturing plants. Perhaps Triton needs to reinvent itself as being a carbon investment so it actually is beneficial to manufacture here, rather than pretend we are doing a good thing for the planet sending manufacturing to countries that do not use as clean processes as here.

That there will be a return to 3 Triton Routers is interesting news: for a while there the 1400W Triton router got dropped, so a decent range will be good to see.

The other bit of interesting news I took out of that was the saw being manufactured in Taiwan. Under GMC it became a Chinese model, which I did not like, so I am hoping this means a return to the original awesome model (that was always made in Taiwan). The GMCised Saw was all about marketing, compromising on design. Pushing a 30% reduction in material weight where magnesium was used, but at the same time every bit of that saving was lost in the much larger, poorer quality chinese motor that was used instead.

So the press release from Kincrome represents some good news, and the potential for a lot more very good news down track!

I’m certainly looking forward to again being able to bring you news about Triton and new products. Who knows, I may actually get to see an increase in the amount of orange in my workshop after such a long hiatus.

Press Release from Kincrome- for all you Triton diehards!


Things are happening at Triton which I am sure will bring a smile to the face of the over 250,000 loyal and satisfied Triton owners and users in Australia (over 400,000 worldwide).
Believe it or not it is almost 3 years since Triton found itself in the maelstrom of receivership and the very proud icon of Australian manufacturing and design was entangled in a situation way outside its creation.

Ownership of the brand passed from the receivers to a very successful family owned business in the U.K. Powerbox International. In the ensuing time Powerbox have begun to invest heavily and rebuild the worldwide network of Triton distributors and in conjunction with Kincrome Tools & Equipment in Melbourne are determined to rebuild Triton to once again be a key supplier of innovative woodworking tools backed up with first class service and spare parts.

This is a perfect marriage between two household names in Australian Hardware and tool retailing. One a much loved manufacturing icon and the other a very effective and well regarded distributor with a respected brand name.

So what does this mean to you …the keen woodworker and Triton owner? Well immediately nothing much will change. Stock of Triton products will continue to be available through Carba-Tec stores in each capital city. Carba-Tec will also continue to supply spare parts through their mail order system and the stock holding of parts both at Carba-Tec and available to Carba-Tec will increase over the next few months.

Longer term Powerbox are developing new power tools with a woodworking bias and work will be done to develop the Workcentre and Router Table range.

In the meantime, the Workcentre and Router Table range and accessories will continue to be made in Melbourne under contract by a manufacturer who has tier one status in the motor industry and the 3 routers and 9 ¼ inch saw will be made in Taiwan. The Triton work support range of Superjaws (surely the most useful tool in a workshop), Multistand and Woodrack will continue to be a major part of the range.

We at Kincrome see the association with Triton not so much as selling a commodity, rather, we see ourselves as custodians of a great brand which to many people is like ownership of a classic wooden boat or wonderful heritage home… Kincrome will invest in, develop and nurture the Triton Brand and leave it in good shape for future generations of Australian woodworkers.
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