Router Bit Storage Revisit

With the router table at one end of the shed, and the overhead router/TWC at the other end, I haven’t had the motivation to move the router bit storage, until now. Needing some additional wall space down the lathe-end (for the additional chisel store) meant moving the router bit storage became the ideal solution.

For those who haven’t been reading along (and in all fairness, this goes back a way, to when the Triton business and physical space came to the end), I have one of the original Triton router bit display units that were used in places like Bunnings, and I use it to store my router bit collection.

To fit everything in, I have doubled, even tripled up the storage on each segment, and still am very tight on for space. Not that the unit was ever designed to maximise storage – it was obviously designed to show off the router bits, and I don’t mind having my collection ‘on display’ either.


They are not the most romantic of tools in the shed, but with a sizeable collection, they take a basic router, or simple router table and maximises its capabilities. After all, the router is just a motor that spins the real tool, real fast.


I also have some boxed collections of Whiteside bits from Professional Woodworkers Supplies- a set for Incra Dovetails, and a set for making wooden hinges with the Incra fence. I still have to try making some wooden hinges- on my must do soon list.

7 Responses

  1. Wooden hinges are fun on the Incra… I made some for the dart board cabinet recently and they came out fabulous… If I do say so myself…

  2. Your Router storage unit seems niggly

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