Working Bee

Start of the day was a working bee down at my daughter’s kindergarten. Seeing as my wife is the maintenance officer on the committee, thought I better lend a hand 😉

In truth it was one of the things I was looking forward to when becoming a parent – getting involved and offering my skills (or lack thereof) and energy (or lack thereof) to helping her kinder/school out.

So rather than sleeping in (not that you get much sleeping with someone using you as a living trampoline) I was down there first thing unloading (it seems) a majority of the contents of my shed and preparing each activity. I was at Bunnings last night, stocking up on supplies until they kicked me out so they could close up!

Paint, decking oil, more paint, brushes, rags, timber for broken fences (etc), screws for the same, it all adds up quickly to quite a tidy sum.

So we’ve sawed, screwed, painted, swept, dug, shovelled, water blasted, cleaned, and finally collapsed. 5 hours later and I am completely fu… I mean completely roo……. I mean completely exhausted. Got home, and slept for 2 hours. Wasn’t sure if I’d actually wake up. I was sure that the iPad wouldn’t work with such dry hands to write this, but it is (obviously), so I’m not completely dehydrated! Looked outside at my poor excuse for a garden – hmm, sad – where’s a working bee when you need one.

I have been thinking for the past few years we should organise collective shed working bees- turn up at someone’s shed and go hell for leather, turning it from a bombsite to bodacious! (anyone else grow up in the 80s 🙂 ) Would make a more interesting TV show than Renovation Rescue, and doesn’t need to be so pathetically over the top as “Man Cave”, taking some celebrity and giving him a space even more farcical than the one he was already able to afford. This would be a show that is actually useful to watch, seeing some tricks to improving a real shed- things like insulating, dust extraction, professionally designed layout, security, workflow, storage.

Pity my one-man show can’t do it, but if some TV show producer wants to pick up the idea, I’d be happy to front it 😉

Sounds like some worthwhile content to include in some presentations on the Stu’s Shed stand at next year’s Melbourne Working with Wood Show! At least worth some targetted articles on here. Mmmm – ideas for content – I like ideas. And you, my Constant Readers seem to like reading them 🙂

Kindergarten Working Bees – a bit of fun, and everyone wins!

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