Double Dolly

Dropped into Carbatec on my way home, intending to pick up the extra magnetic rail that I needed to finish the turning chisel storage. (Oh, and yes, I did get a couple)

While having a look around, (including a peek in the yet-to-be-released latest catalogue), I saw the Dust Deputy is now also available as just the cyclone on its own, for those who don’t feel a need to get the bucket and hoses (which is fair enough!) and would be quite a cost saving I imagine (I didn’t check the price).

Alongside the stack of these new boxed cyclones were some unlabeled ones, and being ever curious I wanted to know what they were. Turns out, they are Dust Deputy Double Dollys (here-after referred to as DD DD, or simply Double Ds 😉 )


They are currently available as a web special, marked down from $109 to $39. They allow you to mount your vac on one side, and the cyclone on the other so they can wheel around together.

I had to grab one (there are now 3 left in Melbourne!), as it sure beats how I was doing it up until now. That is, balancing the unit on the side of the vac (tied in place), with a number of lead dive weights in the bottom of the vac so it doesn’t over balance. Sure makes it heavy to pick up to relocate it!

So now I have a Double D. Happy days 😉


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