Super Organiser Person

After getting a good general idea of the layout recently, I had a look around the shed on Sunday, and decided that instead of just doing a general cleanup until such time as I got frustrated, I thought instead to focus on an individual area and really get it to how I want it, rather than the constant compromises.

First area attacked was around the lathe. I didn’t have time to finish, but it is a good start (and that may be subjective, but it only has to be functional in the eyes of he who will be using it!)


The chisels are finally organised, easily visible and in easy reach. A few years ago, you may remember I had a magnetic storage rail for the chisels, but I found the biggest ones (long handled ones specifically) were too heavy and slipped. So I created a stop-rail, with a coved area for each handle. I need a second magnetic strip, but the proof of concept is functional.

I used the Torque Workcentre as the easiest way for me to cut the coves, with a Carbitool router bit. It is a custom bit- Carbitool made it for a customer, and some additional ones while they had the setup. So this bit came from their sales table, just in case I found a use for it in the future. Guess I did!

The shelf doesn’t need to be load bearing- the majority of the chisel weight is carried by the magnetic rail, it is just there to discourage the chisel slipping.


The resulting cavity is perfect for the chisel handles (I’ve deliberately lifted one so you can see it!)


The earlier-created lathe jaw storage fitted in well. Now I just have to add the extra jaws to it (Cole jaws, and Soft jaws), and come up with a chuck storage (probably a shelf).

So small steps, simple solutions, functionality.

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