Manspace Issue 2

The second issue of Manspace Magazine will hit the shelves shortly, and again with a number of articles by yours truly.

Articles in there by me are:

Quick Drawers – on how to make drawer liners for your tool drawers from foam

Torque the Talk – an article on the Torque Workcentre

Solution with Teeth – a look at the Flai Mustang multimaterial blade.

6 pages in total 🙂

4 Responses

  1. thats great stu. sounds like a great mag.
    shame we cant get it in europe.

    how did you do the foam drawer liner . expanding foam and use the tool as a former, or cut the shape out of a block of foam

    • Foam was memory foam – sheets stuck with contact adhesive after cutting the tool shapes out with sharp knives. Acts more as a tool cushion combined with a shadowboard concept so every tool has a place.

  2. am yet to see this magazine in the newsagents around here 😦

    shall have another look now that issue 2 is out

    • You can always ask the newsagent to contact Connection Magazines to begin stocking Manspace.

      Or head down the subscription route – it is $19.95 for 12 months (4 issues).

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