The Melbourne Woodshow Approaches

And for the first time in many years (I can’t even remember how many now), it is likely that I will be there as a ‘regular’ punter, rather than working on a stand.  I’ve done Triton, Carbatec, Maxis, Professional Woodworker Supplies, MagSwitch, Torque Workcentres (sometimes shared at the same show)

Really strange feeling – not sure what I feel about it as yet.  In one respect, I am excited by the idea of just being able to wander around, take it all in, watch the demos etc without feeling guilty about having to get back to the stand (whichever one I was on for that year).

On the other hand, working a show is financially beneficial (I can buy a few bits n pieces (tools) without feeling guilty), and I enjoy being a part of the spectacle that is a wood show.

Last year I even had a “semi” Stu’s Shed stand, shared with (and primarily a) Torque Workcentres stand, but that wasn’t on the table for this year.  In fact this year has been a lot quieter on all fronts compared to previous years – a bit of the GFC biting Australia?  Or some other combination of overlapping effects.  Frustrating nevertheless.  Perhaps it will be good to step back at the show, without needing to push and promote a product (irrespective how much I believe in what I’m demonstrating).

Reminds me of the Formula One back a decade ago.  I worked at each event, multiple F1GPs, V8s, MotoGPs, and I was so busy doing the job, I didn’t get to really enjoy the racing.  You feel a real part of it, being one small cog in the delivery machine, but being part of it you don’t get to really enjoy the whole event.

So we will see how the week plays out, but come Thursday, I wonder if I will be seeing the show setup first hand, and being to wander from stand to stand chatting with the other regulars without the crowds around.

One way or another, I’ll enjoy the event, irrespective of which side of the fence I find myself 🙂

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