To market, to market, to buy a fat pig…

Home again, home again, giggidy gig.

To Bunnies, to Bunnies, to buy some treated pine
Home again, home again, with two new sheds??!!!

Don’t you just hate it when that happens? I went to Bunnings to get 3 lengths of treated pine, sum total about $24, plus some joist hangers etc totalling another $6. Max!

$660 later, I had the timber, the joist hangers (etc), two sheds, an outdoor storage box, and a balloon (well I did have my 4yr old along to help). It is not like me to accidentally drop a shed into the shopping basket, but I have been outside all day today conducting a big cleanup (and another day tomorrow doing the same).

I hung all the remaining cafe blinds that have been waiting a year for me to get around to (and the purchased timber is for me to finish that job off), and completely filled a 4 cubic metre skip I had had delivered in the morning.

Normally, if the rubbish around the place gets a bit much, I’d load the trailer and head to the tip, but the Frankston City council in their infinite wisdom had closed what was once an excellent sorting station (one where you can drop off your rubbish sorted by type- cardboard, metal, green waste, general waste etc, and the a massive front-end loader would sweep past, picking up all the offerings and dump it into nearby truck-sized skips for delivery to the respective disposal sites), and had allowed an external company to take over rubbish disposal for the area.

However, after closing their sorting station (they were putting a motorway through the site), and allowing a new tip to open (one where things were no longer sorted – you just drove to an empty piece of land and dumped your rubbish out onto the ground-real nice for environmental considerations….NOT!), then shut them down again for regulation breaches. Leaving us without a tip to use at all, good or bad.

The council’s interim solution – you can get them to take away 1.5 cubic metres of rubbish from your property, for a $50 fee (good), but you cannot put the rubbish on your nature strip- it must be within your boundary. Hang on, put it where? I don’t have a front lawn- that was lost years ago and turned into garden because of the 10 year drought as we endeavoured to live with the water restrictions. Now you want me to put a pile of rubbish on that garden that you’ll trample over to get rid of the pile? I think not! So I rung the council, and their solution- use your driveway then (uh, I use my driveway…for cars), so their final solution was – how well do I get on with my neighbours? Like I am going to put 1.5 cubic metres of my crap on my neighbour’s garden??? (They too no longer have lawn, possibly because of the same drought). Even if they did, I would not consider that an option. So my only solution is to store rubbish, piling higher and higher, until it was economic to get a skip (yes, I could have taken my stuff to another tip further away, I know, but let’s not allow logic to ruin a good story!)

Anyway, back to the day. So I got a skip, one I thought was going to be more than big enough. I guessed I had about 3 cubic metres of rubbish, but added 1 more to be sure. In hindsight, I should have doubled it! Boy was there a lot of trash. Even when breaking things down as flat as possible there was way more than the skip could take. (A side effect of running this website- an active shed seems to generate a lot of crap!). The cat run we had made years ago joined the pile as it had reached end-of-life. Not too bad for something thrown together with untreated pine and chicken wire.

There still seemed a lot of mess around the place- things without a decent home. It wouldn’t be because my collection of tools had outgrown one shed and had pushed the garden tools out of their home. Nah, nothing like that.

But the lawnmower, spades, shovels etc did look a bit out of place. So when I saw a little 1.5×1.5m shed, it looked just the ticket. Then, we were looking for what to do to replace the cat run, and rather than the commercial $1500 solutions, I saw a fowl house from the same shed brand for $170. Perfect- Sold! And finally, an outdoor storage unit, plastic (but vaguely made to look like timber) that would be excellent for the swimming pool paraphernalia.

Well that is one way to run up the bill! But it is good- a real garden shed rather than a combined dumping ground, and this means the second shed (which houses the dust extractor etc) can be better utilised as well. Probably won’t help my shed storage issues, but good for other things to have a home. (I feel another shed coming on…..)

So with the cafe blinds going up, the rubbish gone, the homeless garden tools having somewhere to live that is not under my carport/pergola, and the birds to discover that the roof of said structure is no longer home, and the ground underneath is not their personal dumping ground (those damned birds), I will, by then end of the day tomorrow, have the outside room that we want. This is in addition to the sizeable deck we have, that I surrounded with the same cafe blinds a year ago). Summer is coming, and it feels like it might be a bit more organised, and at least a hell of a lot neater!

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig.
Home again, home again, giggidy gig.

Actually, writing that makes me think of Glenn Quagmire from the animated TV series Family Guy. No reason to mention it, just one of those random associations.


Giggidy 😉

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