Nova DVR – a shocking development

Been getting a number of unpleasant small electric shocks recently while out in the shed.  Turns out, it is coming from my brand new Nova DVR XP lathe, which is rather disappointing.

It is when the lathe is plugged in (naturally), and doesn’t change whether I use one cable or another, one electric circuit or another, or which machine I earth myself to.  On some smart advise, I switched from testing if the current was still there by giving myself small shocks, and started using a multimeter.

Seems to be 1mA when the lathe is plugged in (which is a bit of a jolt), and 2mA when the lathe is switched on (not necessarily running).

I’ve eliminated all other possibilities, it is definitely something wrong with the lathe itself.

So now we have to get something done about it.


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