Cue Evil Laugh

Came home at the close of day to find a consignment I’d ordered had arrived.

The current conundrum is copious quantities of bird crap, carpeting the car and carport completely creating a caustic compound that I don’t care to consider cohabitating with the crud over Christmas. Confused?

Carefully considering the complex options to create a cleaner courtyard resulted in considerable choices. To create a condition of alarm in the common birds causing my confoundment, meant checking different options. I tried CDs. I tried chemistry (spraying vinegar), I cleaned away their circular creations (nests & eggs), I tried birdnet, but I came to the conclusion that the only course of action was spikes. A whole collection of them. So I contacted a company with a cache of them, gave my credit card details via computer and my condition of advancement is clarified.




Come here o common creatures – your chariot to another county awaits. If this doesn’t conclude the current condition I’ll be very confused.

4 Responses

  1. Stu,
    This stuff really works! We fitted some on the Usher Hall in Edinburgh a few years ago, result, a pigeon free area! Subsequently applied the same equipment to various public and private buildings throughout the city and environs. One contract we didn’t get was the Scottish Parliament buildings. Despite using simiar spikes, the pigeons were still in situ, resulting in a man with a hawk swooping on the hapless birds! Good Luck with your project! //////////////////////////////////////////love your blogs!

  2. Where might one find this dter stuff Stu? Got a problem with cats here 😦

  3. HI Stu
    We have an elevated pergola that was being over run with all sorts of birds. Bird shit everywhere, spoogys pigeons myna birds the list goes on
    A few metres of the above product and voilà a bird free zone.

    A great product.

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