Cue Evil Laugh

Came home at the close of day to find a consignment I’d ordered had arrived.

The current conundrum is copious quantities of bird crap, carpeting the car and carport completely creating a caustic compound that I don’t care to consider cohabitating with the crud over Christmas. Confused?

Carefully considering the complex options to create a cleaner courtyard resulted in considerable choices. To create a condition of alarm in the common birds causing my confoundment, meant checking different options. I tried CDs. I tried chemistry (spraying vinegar), I cleaned away their circular creations (nests & eggs), I tried birdnet, but I came to the conclusion that the only course of action was spikes. A whole collection of them. So I contacted a company with a cache of them, gave my credit card details via computer and my condition of advancement is clarified.




Come here o common creatures – your chariot to another county awaits. If this doesn’t conclude the current condition I’ll be very confused.

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