Articulated Lamp

Picked up the 55W halogen articulated lamp from Carbatec, and got the optional magnetic base to go with it.

The lamp isn’t half bad- has the on/off switch directly on the back of the lamp head, and a decent wide throw which covers a decent area- certainly plenty for the lathe which is what I wanted it for.


Small photo from the Carbatec website – will get a photo of it in-situ next time I am out in the shed.

As much as the lamp is great for the lathe, the magnetic base is a complete joke. Magnetic – hmm, that is questionable- I can get a better magnet by making it at home with a piece of ferrous metal and belting it with a hammer. Perhaps I should use that concept on the ‘magnetic’ base! It wasn’t strong enough to hold the lamp on a flat horiontal surface without being extended, let alone if the lamp was extended or attempted to be fitted to the side of the machine.

So to summarise, lamp good 🙂 optional magnetic base, bad 😦

2 Responses

  1. I was thining just the other day I need an adjustable light by the lathe. I was thinking of getting one of those Ikea LED lamps with the flexible neck and moding a maigic base to it, maybe with a magswitch.

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