The Goldilocks Woodwork Shop

That’d be a curious name for a store, but this hypothetical supplier would be based on a simple principle: the right products, at the right quality for the right price.

I’m getting increasingly frustrated walking into a store (any store, not specifically woodworking ones), and finding really cheap, poorly manufactured junk being sold for ridiculously elevated prices. Or finding what I want is not in stock, but they can ‘get it in for me’. If I wanted something gotten in for me, I’d just jump on the web and order it directly.

Or buying something, such as a consumable for a tool they sell, and finding the consumable doesn’t fit. Such as today, instead of getting some quality shed time, I wasted a fair chunk of it trying to fit a replacement sandpaper belt to a certain drum sander. Not a hard task, or it shouldn’t be if the commercially supplied replacement belt was the right length. Not too long, not too short, just right: the Goldilocks length. It isn’t like the drum length or diameter is variable or unknown is it?

Isn’t it time that physical stores recognised that the online ones are here to stay? One offers shopping convenience, competitive pricing, the other has in-person service, and the ability to see, touch and feel the item they are interested in, and take it home there and then. If the stock isn’t there, if the service isn’t there, if the price isn’t right, well…

So are there suppliers up for the challenge? To be known as the Goldilocks store – the one that actually nail the customer’s requirements, rather than their own.

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