That’s not a shed…

This! is a shed!

Hopewell Furnace

This is a poster being sold by Woodpeckers. It may look dirty, antiquated, chaotic, but what I see here more than anything else is a workshop refined to an incredible degree.  Everything is placed where it needs to be, everything there needs to be there after years and years of refinement.

As Linkin’ Park put it “Make it a dirt dance floor again” – this shop rocks.  Makes me think about my workshop – things don’t have to be neat and tidy, just functional.  A workshop that is pristine may be some people’s objective, but I prefer a workshop that looks (and is) well used.

I’ve got plenty of sawdust encrusted cobwebs out there intermingled with quality tools, fine timbers and drifts of wood shavings. In a couple of decades time I might really have something out there!

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