Heh – I broke it!

I mentioned a couple of days ago that WordPress now had an arrangement in place with a company that turned blogs into books.

I had a bit of trouble getting a result from the online software, so posed a few queries to Feedfabrik to see where the problems lay.

The comprehensive response was quite informative, but it all boiled down to two things.  Firstly, they are getting a lot of requests recently (not surprisingly since WordPress have advertised that we can do this now, which is how I found out about it), and secondly, well here is the actual quote.:

your blog is huge. I have to say that actually, your blog is the biggest blog we’ve ever seen on our machine by any customer. In numbers of posts and in numbers of included images.

Despite that being a major problem for ever getting the blog printed, that is also a pretty cool problem to have! There is so much content (written and visual) on this website, it dwarfs many other blogs out there.  And that doesn’t include the video content!

Burnin’ down the house

Sure there are a whole bunch of different fire-related titles that come to mind when you think about it. Burnin’ for you, Mississippi Burning, Burn Baby Burn, but little for Pyros (other than perhaps Porno for Pyros).

Seems very few people have heard the term pyrography (other than those around woodworking circles perhaps).

Dropped down to the local library to see what they had, and after explaining what the term meant, we found “Woodburning with Style”

Just happened to be the only book they had, and exactly the one my Mum had suggested (she has recently gotten a pyrography set as well).

Another I’ve seen is “The Complete Pyrography” which also looks very good

Both look quite informative.  Of course it is one thing to learn the techniques, it is another to also have the artistic side to really get the most out of this type of tool.  I can get the first easily enough from books, the web, and playing around with the tool.  The second, well I’ll just have to fake it.

There are an amazing number of different tips for burning pens, and some rather cool effects such as one designed to specifically produce bird feather textures.  Now just have to find some more nibs that fit my particular model.  Only seem to be able to source some variety for the Peter Brenn pen I have from Germany. (Carbatec have a standard set of 3, but I’m wondering about the dozens of others, and variety of sizes?)  More research required.

Notice that there is a pyrography display at the upcoming Melbourne Wood Show.  Guess I’ll be paying more attention this time around!


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