Woodworking Rewards

It may not be the best way to build up a collection of your own works, or even to finance the hobby/passion (obsession according to SWMBO), but I find the most rewarding times in the shed is when I am making something for somebody else.

Not because they asked, or even know about it, and certainly not making something that will have a price tag stuck on it.

It is a different scenario when making an item for someone you know, and it adds a whole extra layer of reward on the experience on creating the item.  The timing of the return is interesting – I find it is not at the time you present the item to the person, or even once the item is completed but during construction (at least that is how it is for me).

Kids toys are something different again – I don’t find it has to be for any child in particular, only that the toy will find its way into the hands of someone who will both appreciate it, but give it an extra layer of life by imagination and play.

I guess this is one of the (many) reasons I have not pursued the idea of making things in the shed for money – there is no true reward in it for me.  Perhaps I’d feel differently if I was actually generating an income source, but the idea of mass producing something over and over so I could sell a bunch just gives me the cold willies. If I ever plan to make money from producing things, guess they better be one-offs!

In the meantime, looks like I will continue giving things away!

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