Think I forgot to post a shot of the completed vase – so here ’tis. Not the best, but learning a new shape.

Made a bit of a mistake when I went away – I was working on this the day before I left for 2 weeks in NZ, and I had been boring the hole initially with a forstner bit.  Mistake was leaving the bit still deep in the vase on the lathe while I was away – the bit rusted up impressively in a very short amount of time.

It was surface rust, so cleaned off easily, but it took a bit to free the bit from the workpiece!

Even this vase pushed the limits of the hollowing tools I had – too deep for even my reasonable length chisels.  I’m now looking to see what other hollowing tools are out there, but what I have found already is they are significantly (over) priced for what they are.

I know I’ve been talking about turning for a bit on here recently, sorry, but it is very rewarding.  I can go out to the shed (and given how quiet it is the time of day (or night) isn’t relevant), make a lot of sawdust in a productive way, and come inside not only having had some fun, but with a fully finished item.

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