Father’s Day

So hope all the Dads out there had a great Father’s Day!  It really came up quickly on me – being away for 10 days would have had something to do with that.

I had a good day with family, from being jumped on at 7am by my 4 year old, through to opening the presents she had expertly wrapped and into the day itself.

Other than a few interesting DVDs and some other bits n pieces, one of the really interesting things (that is relevant to “da shed”) was a quality hot-wire pyrography set.

The set I was given is the Brenn Peter Junior.  It is a hot-wire, with a temperature range from 350 C to 800 C.  Unlike a soldering iron (and the similarly designed pyro tools), the hot wire heats almost instantaneously – it is very responsive to the temperature settings.

I wasn’t of a mind to use it for its standard purpose, but to use it to accent some turnings.  However, once we (as a family) had a bit of a play on a flat bit of timber, that may actually change.  It is quite fun, and the term is more appropriate than it seems as at the higher temperatures flames often do lick around the tip.

So a fun Father’s Day for me – hope everyone else had an equally good day.

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