I was having a look at my workbench, and couldn’t see it for all the tools and accessories over it. There was a large collection of jaws, chucks and turning chisels all over it. Time for some cleanup!

I am struggling to figure out where I will actually mount storage, but that is a problem for another day. In the meantime, I first chose to look at the storage of the jaw sets. I could just have them tossed into a sectioned box (or continue to be stored in their significantly oversized boxes they are sold in), but instead decided to explore a more visual storage method.

Lathe Jaw Storage

Lathe Jaw Storage

I’ve used dowels (2 per jaw) to retain the jaw in place, and have located them with the mounting rings where appropriate.

4 Responses

  1. I’d be glad to store them at my place 🙂

    Hmmm, I think it’s too late to reconsider, but it looks like this turning thing could be addictive.

    You didn’t mention *that* part of it all now, did you?

  2. See *I* told you it was addictive..
    The mounting board is very artistic.. I am sure your lovely wife would not mind that as a piece of art in the living room…

  3. Turning is addictive but it is a great idea. I keep mine in containers and there is always a problem. Also I don’t have as many as you have.
    Very artistic.

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