“An Evening With” – cancelled

Please note:

Carbatec have cancelled the entire “An evening with” programme, so the upcoming booking on September 1 (An Evening with Stu’s Shed) has also been cancelled.

This includes any other evenings that were also arranged with other presenters.

Sorry about the short notice – I’ve only just found out myself.

3 Responses

  1. Gee whizz! Carba-Tec seem to have been doing funny things with stock availability lately and have had some awesome unannounced ‘walk-in’ fire sale type pricing on slow moving stock. I wonder if they are having cash flow problems.


  2. Funny stock availability- you mean like not having any stock in store- row upon row of empty hooks (just look at the fine collection of empty Fein hooks) and shelf after shelf of air (really hard gluing boards together with air).

    Couple that with downgrading what once was such a comprehensive catalog to one with a few pages so you no longer have any idea what you might have expected to see in store anyway.

    You wonder if they will even keep the current store in Melbourne- at the rate they are going they could run the entire operation from a garden shed for the limited amount of stock- reverting to their roots perhaps?

  3. bggrrrr

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